New recycled and renewable materials!

We can now offer a range of recycled and renewable materials in our awards and plaques, to help create unique and beautiful pieces.

RECYCLED GLASS – we have a range of awards manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled glass, in a large choice of shapes. We can

PG Tips Game

The promotions industry have often turned to Lasercraft for their “off-the-wall” needs. In this instance traditional church fete buzzer game was the brief, branded to support Unilever’s new PG TIPS marketing campaigns.

Two of these unique pieces were designed and implemented completely in-house and demonstrate Lasercraft’s

Simon Periton installation at the V&A

Lasercraft were pleased to be able to help artist Simon Periton in the creation of his latest installation.

Commissioned by the V&A to create 3D sculptures he turned to Lasercraft to cut intricate images in heavy card using their laser cutting technology, which were subsequently sprayed and formed into